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8 May 2018

I have been thinking that it can hard to stay fresh around our prayer lives and...

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29 Jan 2018

One of my favourite books is Good to Great by Jim Collins. Before you all go out and buy a copy, I should warn you it is essentially a thesis about the characteristics that...

22 May 2017

Our Vision Evening on 17th May was hugely encouraging and exciting. So good to meet with Stewards' Trust 'family'!

We heard from God and those gathered with fresh ideas...

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20 Sep 2018

This will be my very last Bible email, as I am coming to a close as a fieldworker for The Stewards’ Trust at the end...

13 Sep 2018



It is likely you have found yourself singing ‘Reckless Love’ by Cory Asbury recently. If you have not, type it in to Spotify or YouTube and have a listen. Every time I...