'52 Ways to Pray' is coming but we need your help

"At the heart of every revival is the spirit of prayer" (Arthur Wallis)

We feel a deep call to refocus on prayer in 2019. Why?

God is doing something within the family of the Stewards' Trust. There's a stirring, a building momentum, a growing noise, a sense that greater things are yet to come. Yes, that's exciting but, if we're honest, it also brings home our human inadequacy. It's a good feeling though because it is drawing us back to prayer - back to where we're supposed to be.

We'd love for you to join us and '52 Ways to Pray' is one way you can help.

Through a short weekly blog, we are attempting to draw out from this amazing 'family', the wisdom, experience and creativity that exists when it comes to praying. We would love it if all ages and all stages of life could contribute - if you're old enough to pray, you're old enough to play! 

Could you share:

  • a way you like to pray (as simple or creative as you like)
  • a favourite prayer
  • a testimony of answered prayer
  • a helpful acronym on which to base your prayers
  • a verse that encourages you in prayer

This excites us because we know you and the inspiring insights you have to share. Our prayer is that brining this stuff together will inspire us all and breathe new life into the way we pray.

To contribute or to find out more, please email jimi@stewardstrust.org.uk