April 2019 Family & All-age event prayer requests

Youth Easter camps (13-18 April)

We have just held our training day at St Paul's Hammersmith for all our Easter camp helpers, which was a long day but a great success. We have an amazing group of volunteers running the camps. Please pray for them as they serve for the week, and for the teenagers to meet with God in a powerful way and to make life-long friendships. Jemimah Wright

One with Mum/Dad (including 'The Wild One' 3-7 May) 

One with Mum/Dad is a joy, and seems to be growing and multiplying in amazing way. God is good. Let's pray that God takes this lovely thing to a new level now – that, as well as having great fun, mums and their children will grow deeper & deeper in their faith, and that God will move mountains through them! Annie Gale

Praise God that so many have signed up and for the extra help this year on 'The Wild One'. Please pray for our final preparations and for God to bless all the activities: wild and Jesus-filled fun for all and for the Mums to be as refreshed as the Ones. Ali Ingall

West Buckland 2 (11-17 Aug)

We give so much thanks for all the guests who have signed up and are keen to be part of building a new event. Thanks for a brilliant team. Thanks, too, for good initial connection with West Buckland School. Please pray for ears to hear what God has planned and wisdom to know how to put it together. Pray that our preparations will make the way straight for Jesus to come and be with us enabling joy and transformation all round! Helen Paterson