Be Still and Know...

22 Jan 2018, 00:00 // Olivia Omilana

So, fun fact about me, I LOVE reading. I didn't always though, one day I woke up and just LOVED it - weird hey?! I guess things like that happen sometimes.


ANYWAY! At the moment, I am reading C.S. Lewis' 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. The world of Narnia is a world I have to say I enjoy being in!


If any of you have read it or seen the film, you'll remember when Father Christmas arrives after there has been winter in Narnia for a very long time, but never Christmas:


'He was a huge man in a bright red robe (bright as holly berries) with a hood that had fur inside it and a great white beard that fell like a foamy waterfall over his chest. Everyone knew him because, though you see people of his sort only in Narnia, you see pictures of them and hear them and hear them talked about even in our world - the world on this side of the wardrobe door. But when you really see them in Narnia it is rather different. Some of the pictures of Father Christmas in our world make him look only funny and jolly. But now that the children actually stood looking at him they didn't find it quite like that. He was so big, and so glad, and so real, that they became quite still. They felt very glad, but very solemn.' 




When I read this last line, I must admit, I was quite taken aback.

When was the last time I felt very glad, but very solemn? It can sound like quite a serious thing, but I actually think it is a beautiful thing. 

It is the same as being 'in awe' of something/someone.


After thinking about it, the last time I felt like that was actually last night. 

I was worshipping on the piano and I just stopped, I stopped playing...

That is all I did. In the same moment, I asked the Lord for His glory.

I realised that I had got myself caught in the trap of assuming I knew what it felt like to be touched by His glory, because I have accepted Him in my life already. 




The Bible tells us,


'Be still and know that I am God.' Psalm 46:10 



Such a simple verse and yet it is so profound because it is in these moments that I feel we recognise the 'humanness' of ourselves and the 'Godness' (made up word, but you get the picture!) of our Father and all we can do is stop and, be still...and then we can feel 'very glad, but very solemn'.


Take time today to be still, and know that He is God. Shut your eyes now, and feel His presence. He is with you!