Do not Fear

25 Oct 2019, 09:35 // Jackson Adkins

‘Do not fear’. This is the second most repeated command in the Bible. Now that I’ve said this you’re probably wondering what command we see more often. It happens to be ‘Praise the Lord’. Time and time again throughout scripture we see these phrases scattered over the pages. 

I believe these commands are so interwoven as they are both responses to the presence of God. In fact they are almost inseparable because when we praise God fear has no space. When we lift our eyes to King Jesus our issues, problems and obstacles are consumed by His greatness. Throughout the Psalms we see that David’s response to anything in life was not fear but praise. Whatever he seemed to be going through he constantly gave his attention back to the Lord, praising and magnifying God. 

Psalm 69:30 - ‘I will praise God’s name with singing, and I will magnify him with thanksgiving.’

God calls us to do the same. When we magnify God, He doesn’t actually get any bigger. He gets bigger in our sight. Our views, perceptions and ideas of God increase. We experience more of His supernatural greatness. As a result of this we end up walking sons and daughters and not slaves to fear. 

Whatever you’re going through today, whatever you’re fearing, I want to encourage you to spend some time praising God. Separate yourself from any distractions and take a moment to give him all your attention. I know that last year during my A Levels’, praising God was what enabled me to walk in total peace and joy despite all the pressure. 

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