New Year, New Opportunities

11 Jan 2019, 12:10 // Lucy Green

It’s the second week of the new year; for some of you your resolutions are going swimmingly and 2019 feels like your year, and for some of you – not so much. Without sounding too downbeat, nothing magical happens when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s eve. What we do experience though is a lot of expectation and excitement for the year to come.

The new year really is a brilliant opportunity to reflect, assess and act. People often take up exercise or give up junk food. One year my New Year’s resolution was to listen to more live music, because I love it and it fills me with joy and I wasn’t doing it enough. Resolutions can be a reminder just to do things that you enjoy!

Here are 3 points to help us think about who we want to be at the end of 2019. It tells us in the Psalms that God crowns the year with his goodness and that there is an abundance from Him in each year. Psalm 65:11 (NKJV) says:

You crown the year with Your goodness,

And Your paths drip with abundance.

How can you readjust your priorities?

Can you do more or less of something in order to become who God is calling you to be? Work out what you want your 2019 to look like and who you want to be by the end of it and readjust your priorities according to that.

Is there something that you want to practise?

For example, if you want to practise an attitude of gratitude, form the habit of giving thanks for situations in your life. Get an empty jar and fill it with little notes of things that you are grateful for. Next year you can look back over all the things you have appreciated.

Holy Spirit nudges

try to remember to ask God daily to interrupt me as I go about my day. Recently I had 6 minutes until my train left (and I needed to buy my ticket)! As I was walking up the stairs to the station an elderly lady was walking up the stairs in front of me and initially I huffed and puffed about how slowly she moving. I then took a moment and heard Holy Spirit tell me to offer to help her with her bag. With a slight hesitation, I asked her if she would like me to carry her bag for her (which by the way was SO heavy, I was amazed she was carrying it!). When I offered to carry it she said "WOULD YOU?" and was so grateful. When we got to the top of the stairs she said how kind I was. I still had plenty of time to get my ticket and get on the train and felt so grateful to God that he had slowed me down to help her.

Maybe you could ask God to interrupt your day? Or maybe you want to become someone who sees people get healed: when a friend says they have physical pain in their body, offer to pray for God to heal them.

Happy New Year girls,