Solitude and Scrolling

6 Mar 2020, 08:35 // Lucy Green

Monday morning, I get my screen report on my phone. ‘Your screen time was up 65% this week’, a notification I was ASHAMED to receive. Usually I’m pretty pleased with the update I get on a Monday, or at least not completely shocked. So what does this tell me? Well on the surface I spent too much time scrolling and therefore it tells me under the surface I’ve lacked time being mindful.


One of my life mantras is that I really want to do what I want to do and not what I don’t want to do. On the list of things I want to do is pursue solitude, and a fruit of this is silence. Yet the screen time going up is an indicator of me being distracted away from this goal.


I’ve been reading the book of James recently and in it he sets a really high standard for Christian living, that has really convicted me. James chapter 4 v 10 says:

'Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.'

 I can’t do anything before the Lord if I’m too distracted in my times of solitude. 


Richard Foster wrote on understanding solitude:


Today silence is one of the most essential disciplines of the Spirit simply because it puts a stopper on all this mindless chatter and clatter. It enables us to step aside from the noise and hurry and crowds of modern life long enough to allow God to create in us attitudes and habits that will hold us constantly in the loving presence of God.


Self-control and spiritual discipline can often dissolve in the face of stress and discomfort and distraction takes over. How can you make time for solitude so God can create in your attitudes and habits allowing you to hold God’s loving presence?