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Radical Discipleship (Part 1)

27 Feb 2019, 12:35 // George Bryans

I just want to share with you a couple of thought I have had Ecclesiastes 5:5.

‘It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfil it’

How many times have we felt let down by others? And how many times have we been the person who hasn’t kept their end of the deal?


25 Jan 2019, 00:00 // George Bryans

When we’re going through difficult times, or we feel like we’re just not moving forwards, it can be hard to remember that God’s still working in us. But the truth is, we’re closer than we know to becoming the person God wants us to be. When we trust and press into God, we’ll make it through the trials and challenges that we’re facing and we will come out stronger and wiser.

Paul says, ‘If God is for us, who can be against us?’ (Romans 8:31).

New Year - Same God

11 Jan 2019, 00:00 // George Bryans

I have found that the New Year can often bring a mixed bag of emotions and memories for many of us. Some may have just experienced the best year ever and look forward to an even greater one looming ahead. Others of us may have just trudged through one deep struggle after another. The new calendar year brings desperate hope for a fresh start and for things to be better than last year, with an ache for the still-fresh wounds to slowly begin their process of healing.

Kingdom Success

4 Sep 2018, 17:14 // George Bryans

We’re all called to increase God’s kingdom. Whether that’s by introducing people to God, or by living in such a way that more of God’s kingdom is seen on Earth, our purpose is to follow God’s call on our lives. God uses us all for His kingdom. It’s a calling to share our faith with others, encourage those around us, glorify God in our school life or something else, God has a purpose for us. Kingdom success is not like Earthly success.

Philemon - The 4th & Final Part

18 Apr 2018, 17:08 // George Bryans

So far we have looked at the moral, personal and social angles; today we are going to finish Philemon by looking at the spiritual side of Paul’s letter.

I believe that one of the reasons that this letter to Philemon is included in the Bible is because it paints a perfect picture of our salvation.

We are the slave that ran away (Onesimus) from God.

We were of no use to God, but Jesus came and paid out debts and presented us back to God as a useful servant.

Philemon - Part 2

15 Mar 2018, 00:00 // George Bryans

I hope all of you are well and that you’ve had a good week. I have just had a wonderful weekend up in Edinburgh and Durham, seeing some of my favourite people, as Jamie and I were hosting a couple of student suppers up there.


Hopefully you enjoyed my last bible e-mail on Philemon, but that it also challenged you. If you haven’t yet read it, do go back and read it. I want to continue looking at Philemon, this time at the personal angle with which Paul writes the letter.


There are three main characters involved in this letter: