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22 May 2020, 16:27 // Jess Hughes

I hope you’re having a brilliant week and getting to enjoy the sunshine. I have relocated my working from home office to the garden, so that I can work on my tan and get my essential vitamin D intake of course!

Don't Give Up!

5 Feb 2020, 16:14 // Jess Hughes

You may have noticed on our social media that we’ve been out and about in London recently. Last week the team went on a Christian Heritage walking tour of London and I was reminded of William Wilberforce’s battle to see an end to slavery.

Are You Ready?

15 Jan 2020, 17:14 // Jess Hughes

Hey girls!

I’ve just come back from interrailing in Spain and Portugal for three weeks with a good friend and had the most amazing time. It was so good for me to unwind after the crazy Christmas season and feel refreshed before kicking off the new year. One of my particular highlights was getting to visit the ‘Museo de Prado’ in Madrid which is home to many remarkable paintings.

Watch How I Do It

29 Nov 2019, 10:03 // Jess Hughes

Hey girls,

I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely reached that time of year where my alarm clock doesn’t seem to do its job anymore. Most days I’m feeling exhausted before I even get out of bed and when I begin to think about the day ahead I am completely overwhelmed. By now many of you will be preparing for exams, end of term shows and various other events that this time of year brings. There’s no denying it is a busy season and it can seem difficult to find pockets of time to properly rest.

Cultivating Thankfulness

8 Oct 2019, 17:13 // Jess Hughes

Have you ever found yourself longing to relive some of your favourite moments in life? I often wish I could take snippets of some of my best days, such as my graduation or when I lived in Hong Kong, and store them up in a box so I can step back into them whenever I want.