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16 May 2020, 10:20 // Matt Chisem

Hey lads,

Hope you are well during lockdown. Today I would like to speak about the powerful impact that appreciation can have, both on the individual and the collective.

The Father's Heart

25 Feb 2020, 11:55 // Matt Chisem

Hey lads,

Hope you are all good. I have been praying for all those who have had mocks, that God would give you peace in this revision season!

I want to write about the Father’s heart today, as seen through the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15. The father experiences the ultimate dishonour and betrayal in the son asking for his inheritance early, in essence wishing him dead. Yet he expresses the ultimate adoration and respect towards his son when he returns, giving him “the best robe”, “a ring on his finger” and “sandals on his feet” (v22). 

Living in Purity

23 Jan 2020, 15:22 // Matt Chisem

Hey Lads,

I have just come back from a relaxing weekend in my home town, which gave me some time to reflect and pray. I was reading Psalm 119 and came across this verse: