Chat-time (by Annie Willmot)

I’ve never been very good at doing ‘quiet times’. I used to feel a lot of pressure to do them but in the last couple of years my attitude towards them has changed. Well, rather my attitude towards my relationship with God has changed.

I’ve had phases where I’ve found it easier to carve out specific time in my day to sit with God but then, when I became a mum, I found that quiet on my own, let alone with God, became pretty non-existent. 

This got me thinking about my relationship with God and I realised that my main desire was for it to be constant, not reserved just for quiet, planned moments. Yes, those would be special too but just because I didn’t find a moment of quiet in my day it didn’t mean I couldn’t connect with God. 

When Jesus was on Earth he did go off on his own to pray but he also chatted to God in the every day. He was in constant relationship with his Father. That’s what I wanted! 

So, I made an intentional move to change how I did relationship with God. I began to ‘chat’ to him more all day. I’d first started thinking about ‘chatting’ to God though the Parenting for Faith course and when I started to see my time with God as constant, rather than just in the moments I found time to stop, it really was transformational.

I do carve out time, when I can, to stop and read the Bible and wait on God because I know that deepens our connection but I no longer feel guilty when I don’t find time. I’m learning to talk to God more in the every day and to hear him in the midst of the busyness. And, actually, the more I know him the more I also want to have quieter times with him too.