Coronavirus related conditions for events

Intro text

To be in a position to open bookings for residential events, we want to be completely open and clear about the conditions attached to those bookings. Then you can make an informed decision and choose for yourselves if you would like to book. Please read the following points carefully and consider them, alongside our standard terms and conditions, before booking. Your event administrator will confirm any additional conditions that apply.


The Stewards' Trust, our host teams and the venues we use will work together to seek to reduce the risks from Coronavirus. However, it is impossible to eliminate the risk of transmission and other risks relating to Coronavirus. It is therefore the choice of each individual guest, or of parents or guardians in the case of minors or vulnerable adults, to attend an event. Neither the Stewards' Trust, your host team or the venue can take any liability relating to Coronavirus at or linked to one of our events. 

Our approach: 

Each of our events are different and so there can't be a 'one size fits all' set of conditions. Our approach is therefore to set minimum conditions that can apply to all events and to allow host teams the flexibility to go further in certain circumstances, with prior approval from the Stewards' Trust. Event venues will also have Coronavirus safe procedures that might go beyond our base level conditions. If so, those procedures must also be followed. It is therefore vital that you check with your event administrator what additional conditions, if any, may apply to your booking and event.

Government rules:

There are no longer any rules relating to testing and isolation within the UK. Our minimum requirements do set some conditions though to protect the wider group, which we think are common sense.


You will need to test if you have Coronavirus symptoms prior to an event and if positive should withdraw. There is a possibility of false positive results with lateral flow tests and so a separate PCR test can take precedence if negative, however, the result needs to be confirmed before arriving at an event. 

If a guest displays any Coronavirus symptoms at an event, they will need to take a lateral flow. If positive, they must leave the event as soon as possible. Sadly, no refund can be offered in this instance.


The Stewards’ Trust will not at this stage ask for evidence of a vaccination as a standard condition for booking or attending an event. However, where there is a particularly high proportion of vulnerable people attending, the host team is authorised to add this as a condition. Vulnerable can be defined by age or medical condition.


If an event needs to be cancelled by the venue due to Government rules, then a full refund will be payable, unless confirmed otherwise by your event host before you book.


Our standard cancellation terms apply. Deposits are non-refundable. If you cancel within six weeks prior to the start of an event and your place cannot be filled, you will be liable for the full cost of your event, unless you are advised otherwise by your event administrator.


If an event needs to be cancelled due to Coronavirus before the advertised end date then sadly no refunds can be offered, unless and to the extent that we are able to secure a refund from the venue.

*You might want to consider taking out holiday insurance and checking the policy carefully to see if Coronavirus cancellation and/or curtailment is covered. It appears some policies will provide cover but in very specific circumstances (i.e. you test positive immediately before your trip and are forced to isolate) and on the basis that evidence of a positive test is submitted with the claim.