Dear God (By James Gerry)

Like many Christian commuters, I thought that my daily train journey into London offered the perfect opportunity to pray. The problem was, close your eyes on a train and…..

So, to combat this, I bought myself a Black n’ Red notebook and committed to write a letter to God each day. I don’t do the daily commute any more, but I still carry a notebook with me and I still write that letter each day. I’ve found that writing to God helps me focus my thoughts and to better think through the issues I want to bring before Him. It also gives me the opportunity to highlight things that have spoken to me from that day’s Bible reading as well as giving me a chance to look back and remind myself of key moments in my prayer conversations with the Lord. Writing also ensures that I ‘stick to it’. I find that I am able to continue to pray for issues where, in the past, my (oral) prayers would have probably petered out after a week or two. 

I’ve lost track of how many notebooks I’ve now filled with letters to God. Over a hundred, I guess. This summer I discovered I had left my latest notebook on a plane while I was travelling to America. I was gutted. After one or two prayers (!), many emails and at a cost that bore no relation to the original price of the Black n’ Red, my cherished journal was eventually returned to me. I think it was then that I fully appreciated what a precious gift the Lord had given me through the invitation to write to Him each day.

James is the Chairman of the Stewards' Trust. We're so blessed to have such a committed and hands-on Chair. He seems to have endless enthusiasm and energy for all areas of our work but he is particularly passionate about Christian mentoring.