Rhythms of Grace - Worship
Jimi Gale

Who is Jimi's unlikely worship hero, the giver of an extravagent gift, and what can they teach us about the nature of true worship?

Rhythms of Grace - Simplicity
Lucy Green

"What makes life complicated?" 

A great question from Lucy's dad that got her thinking more practically about simplicity.

Rhythms of Grace - Guidance
Helen Paterson

God is more interested in relationship with you, than ticking off some devine to-do-list.

Rhythms of Grace - Confession
Jemimah Wright

"Without the cross, the discipline of confession would only be psychologically therapeutic." (Richard Foster, The Celebration of Discipline).

Jemimah unpacks the latest 'rhythm' in our series - Confession. Find out why she thinks of it as a funnel and a bridge.

Rhythms of Grace - Service
Jess Hughes

What is true service and how can we step into this rhythm of grace?

Jess shares the bible, her stories and practical suggestions as she introduces us to the service. Jesus is the perfect example of a servant leader - watch and learn to be more like him and do what he did.

Rhythms of grace - Meditation
Jackson Adkins

Discover the biblical way of meditation - not emptying your mind of everything but filling your mind Jesus.

Jackson continues our Rhythms of Grace series with a surprising and inspiring introduction to the rhythm of meditation. Find out how to nourish your roots.

Rhythms of grace - Introduction
Alex Warren

Rhythm is all around us - from music, to the changing seasons, to the beat of our hearts. We need rhythm to function properly and to thrive.

Jesus invites us to follow him and learn His unforced 'rhythms of grace' so that we can learn to live freely and lightly. As we do we grow closer to Him and become more like Him.

Join us for an introduction to our series of bite sized talks about the rhythms of grace.