Houseparty@Home - Pick 'n' Mix

Welcome to Houseparty@Home - Pick 'n' Mix! 

Everyone is welcome and everything is optional.

We've got an assortment of 'treats' for you – something for all ages and all stages of faith.

You should have recieved your e-invite with the full 'menu' for the week - download below.

Adult talks will be posted here each day along with any important updates in the top box. Links to other talks will be emailed daily but to enjoy the full 'Houseparty@home' experience and to see what your ST friends are up to, you will need to follow @strustlife on Instagram.

As with any houseparty, the more you get stuck in, the more you will get out of the week. We'd love to share your HP@H pictures or films through Instagram so please direct message us.

Join us, to taste and see that the Lord is good!

(If you want a full screen version of any film below, just double click on the window)

Gratitude for Houseparty@home

Houseparty@home - Archie Coates 'Trust and Control'

Houseparty@Home - 'True Worship' by Pete Portal

'Silence and Solitude' by Vics Goldring

'Suffering' - Toby Flint

'Strength is nothing, anointing is everything' - Pat Allerton