We're all made for relationship and grow when spending time with those who have more experience to share, whether that be in faith or in life.

Our vision is to see individuals, families, schools, workplaces and society transformed by raising up a generation of Christian mentors.

Our events are the perfect environment for mentoring relationships to form organically. This gives us a rare opportunity to inspire and equip mentors inside and outside the Stewards' Trust.


Our youth team provides one to one and small group mentoring to young people at secondary school. Small group mentoring helps build on the friendships that form at our events.

The focus of all youth mentoring is to encourage and support young people in their faith but it should be fun too. It is built on a strong foundation of trust and respect. Mentoring sessions usually include:

  • Catching up
  • Reading the bible together
  • Playing games or sport
  • Discussing questions about faith
  • Being creative
  • Praying

Mentoring relationships vary from regular weekly or bi-weekly sessions to a less formal catch-up during the year between our events.

To find out more and to discuss how mentoring could work best for your child, please contact

As experienced mentors, our youth team are also available to provide training and resources to other organisations and individuals looking to develop their mentoring models and skills.


Our experience in mentoring isn't limited to young people. Many adults (18+), who come on our events, are also looking for a mentor. Our events already foster this type of relationship brilliantly and so our role is mostly to encourage and equip mentors by:

  • Helping them understand what type of mentor they are - intentional / accidental / formal / informal
  • Providing training - stand-alone or as part of one of our events
  • Developing resources

Mentoring relationships are all different and we try to reflect this. So, whether you've been mentoring people for years or are just starting out, we can help you grow and develop your skills and tools.

To find out more about training opportunities, please contact