What's been going on?

21 Dec 2018

Michelle Obama confessed this month that she still suffers from 'impostor syndrome'. Articulate, beautiful, intelligent, funny, a former First Lady, and yet still anxious...what hope is there for the rest of us? We empathise. 

The more the Stewards' Trust grows, the more inadequate we...

8 May 2018

I have been thinking that it can hard to stay fresh around our prayer lives and wonder if I can invite you to use this little model when praying for the Stewards' Trust?

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29 Jan 2018

One of my favourite books is Good to Great by Jim Collins. Before you all go out and buy a copy, I should warn you it is essentially a thesis about the characteristics that lead to excellence in business. I should really get out more!

Does the Bible have anything to add about ‘greatness...

22 May 2017

Our Vision Evening on 17th May was hugely encouraging and exciting. So good to meet with Stewards' Trust 'family'!

We heard from God and those gathered with fresh ideas, wise words and inspiring pictures. It was particularly good to have a wide age-range of guests (8 months to 80 years...

1 Mar 2017

The Stewards' Trust is holding a 'Vision Evening' on 17/05/17.

Jimi Gale will have been in his role of Chief Executive for nearly a year. It feels like a good moment for him to share his thoughts about where we are now, as well as to outline a clear vision for our future.

We are a...

28 Apr 2016

Following an extensive search process, I am absolutely delighted to advise that the board of trustees of the Stewards’ Trust has appointed Jimi Gale as Chief Executive. He will assume this role once he has fulfilled his contractual obligations to his current employer. Most of you will know that...

28 Apr 2016

We’re pleased to advise of a new Stewards’ Trust event for 2017 – a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Due to the planning involved, we are announcing this trip now, as to wait until the publication of the annual brochure would be too late. The trip will be led by Robin King, Archdeacon of Stansted...

7 Jan 2016

We've just uploaded a series of daily talks that were recorded at the Framlingham 2015 houseparty last summer. Click on these links to hear Paul and Christine Perkin's five talks: