Coronavirus guidance

We have been closely monitoring the outbreak of Coronavirus and we are taking appropriate steps to ensure we keep our team, volunteers and those attending our events as safe as possible. This involves following advice from Public Health England carefully

In line with government advice, we intend for our events to go ahead as planned. Doing so relies on us all trusting one another to act with full regard to the health of others, especially those who are more vulnerable. 

We would underline the government guidelines, which indicate when people should self-isolate, and trust that if you havetravelled to any of the affected zones you will follow the instructions carefully

We are sure you can appreciate the need to prioritise the health and safety of others at times like this and to take responsibility for keeping away from others if you have any symptoms, or reason to believe you could be infectious.  

The situation is changing on a daily basis and we will update this guidance in line with any government advice.

Jimi Gale