Petals among the leaves (by Julie Sheldon)

Over the years small prayer cards have appeared between the pages of my Bible. There used to be a joke going around that if you left one wire coat hanger in a cupboard, the next time you opened the door there would be at least five more that appeared over night! The small prayer cards have done the same thing.

Quotes, encouragements, Bible verses, tender thoughts, often given long ago, tucked into the leaf of pages between Psalms, Epistles and Proverbs.

When they were sent, and received, it was as if God himself was speaking right into the situation, right into the heart of the matter.

This week another one appeared. Beautiful calligraphy by the hand of a solitary nun. The words plucking the strings of a broken heart.

“Certain flowers only grow where tears have fallen”

The sentiment and prayer arrived at precisely the right moment. How could that friend have known? What prompted them to send that card on that day?

The silent whisper of the Holy Spirit. Gentle breeze of love touching a heart to respond to a need. What did it mean?

Was it to do with the fruit forming under the blossom, waiting for the petals to fall before the bud could burst forth?

Was it the sweetness of a rare bloom born out of suffering?

Could it be our tears watering the garden of pain, heartache and loss, only to grow into something quite breathtakingly beautiful as forgiveness and amazing grace begins to flower

The fragrance of Jesus released where tears have fallen?

The new card found its place between the pages of St. John’s Gospel.

Lord and Saviour, take salty tears and use them to water hard, rough ground. Transform lives as we move ever closer to thee. Amen

Julie is a Pioneer Minister, evangelist, author and speaker. She has spoken many times at our events and we're blessed to count her as a great friend and encourager, as she is to many within the Stewards' Trust.