The power of partnering with schools

“The girls look forward to the visits of the Stewards’ Trust as do I. Their input into our school is significant and supports my regular week by week ministry.” (Rev. Alice Monaghan – Chaplain Westonbirt School)

We sensitively partner with schools in a number of ways:

  • Speaking at Christian Union (CU), assembly or chapel meetings
  • Running school mission weeks
  • Providing help with Alpha courses
  • Contributing to confirmation classes

Our youth workers are full of energy and passion. They inspire and encourage young people in their Christian faith.

Working in schools also provides great opportunities to develop one-to-one mentoring relationships. This is mainly but not exclusively with the pupils, who are already connected to the Stewards' Trust. For some, who might be the only Christian in their school, this can be a lifeline for their faith:

“The biggest impact on me (as a pupil) was having some of the team come to my school. It was enough to keep me afloat!” (Toby Flint – Lead Pastor HTB Church, London)

Case study - Framlingham College:

Working with Framlingham College has shown how quickly and effectively an exciting partnership can be established from a standing start!

We had a strong relationship with Framlingham through using the site for our family weeks in the summer. However, there had been no direct involvement with the school or its pupils during term time. That was before Brynn and Jemimah started talking…..

“I have seen the value of young people getting alongside our pupils. I can be enthusiastic, but I can’t be young any more!

I invited the Stewards’ Trust team to come and run three day ‘Lent Reflections’ in February 2017. This involved going into lessons, speaking in chapel and organising evening meetings. The benefits of befriending the students have been exceptional and I had a great working relationship with all at Stewards’ Trust.  Their willingness to send team members to speak at chapel ahead of Lent Reflections (AKA Mission Week) was very helpful. The ST team connected at a very deep level and have made positive impressions on our young students for life.

I have found the input of the Stewards’ Trust youth team refreshing and encouraging to my ministry, and to the life of the school.” (Rev. Brynn Bayman – Chaplain Framlingham College).

We are a small team so our primary focus is those schools with pupils already connected to the Stewards’ Trust. This helps us to build on what we are doing elsewhere. The strength of relationship with those in leadership at a school also drives how we allocate our limited resources.

To explore how we could partner with your school, please contact