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Exceptional teaching has always been foundational to our events. Over the years, we've been blessed by inspirational and faithful speakers. You'll find a selection of recent talks here, which we will continue to add to.

Trust and control - Houseparty@home
Rev Archie Coates

The first in a series of talks for houseparty@home, a virtual alternative to our summer family events.

Finding ourselves restricted during the Coronavirus pandemic, we asked five speakers - all impacted themselves by the work of the Stewards' Trust - what lessons they were learning through lockdown?

Archie Coates, leader of St. Peter's Brighton, shares brilliantly his reflections on the loss of control and the need for greater trust in God.

True worship - Houseparty@home
Pete Portal

Pete has given his life to serving gang members and drug addicts in Mannenberg, a township outside Capetown. Pete and his wife Sarah lead a missional community - sharing the love of Jesus, providing a safe place to come off drugs, and ongoing support to the young men and women they share life with.

Pete has a rare talent to be able to challenge sensitively, while also encouraging extravagantly. This talk on 'True worship' from Isaiah 58:1-12 is no exception.

Silence and solitude - Houseparty@home
Vics Goldring

Vics grew up going to Stewards' Trust events and remains as committed and involved as ever. This summer, she and her husband Mark would have been leading the Framlingham family houseparty, which was once hosted by Vice' mum and dad. She loves the family houseparties with a passion and her heritage in them means that she understands deeply how God uses these weeks.

She is now part of the staff team at Holy Trinity Hastings as their Spiritual Formation and Community Pastor. Here she helps us understand the importance of silence and solitude by looking at Isaiah 30:1-15.


Suffering - Houseparty@home
Rev. Toby Flint

Toby leads St Nicholas Bristol, a church plant from HTB. He was heavily involved in the re-crafting of the Alpha film. However, the pinnacle of his career to date must surely be the year spent working for the Stewards' Trust as a youth worker!

Suffering must be one of the biggest questions people have about God and faith, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Toby takes this challenging question and makes it accessible and relatable in a way few could.

Strength is nothing, anointing is everything - Houseparty@home
Rev. Pat Allerton

Pat leads St. Peter's church in Notting Hill. At the height of the Covid lockdown, he took to the streets, as the Potable Priest, with a hymn and a prayer to share a message of hope with his community.

By looking at the life of King David, Pat digs into the key differences between strength and anointing.