When two or more are gathered... (By Henny Metters)

Thinking about how hard I find it to stay focused when praying on my own with my head buzzing with the day’s plans, the cares of the world or simply what I really mustn’t forget, I realised how much easier I find it to pray with someone else. Whether praying with my wonderful husband, a friend, our ministry team, or in fact anyone, helps me to focus on Who we are talking to and above all listening to.

However busy I may be, or desperate to start on the day’s list, praying with John before breakfast is so much more than a discipline, it is communication with our God. We use a devotional such as Tim Keller’s ‘My Rock, My Refuge’ on the Psalms or ‘The Way of Wisdom’ on Proverbs, to expound the verse for that day. It focuses our minds and opens our ears to listen to what God might be saying. Then prayer seems to flow easily; each of us beginning with what the Holy Spirit has highlighted from the passage for ourselves and for those we want to pray for. We have learnt not to dish up the porridge or make the coffee before we pray!

It doesn’t have to be a breakfast habit, but it does need to be a routine so you can’t wriggle out of the commitment and there must be enough time to listen to God first.

Henny is a trustee of the Stewards' Trust, the Chair of our Youth Advisory Board (YAB), a houseparty host and many other things. She has a huge passion to see young people grow in faith and has had a massive impact on ST youth work over the years. We're hugely grateful for her and think she is a legend!

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