Youth & Students

Developing young leaders

We support and encourage young people in their faith through our events, mentoring and schools' work.

They are encouraged, challenged and equipped, but more importantly... accepted, known and loved. Most precious though, they discover deep, life-giving friendships rooted in shared faith.

This all helps develop exceptional young Christian leaders.

An awesome opportunity to join a team committed to seeing teenagers grow in love for God, and to receive inspiring training through HTB College, OneLife and the Stewards' Trust.
Hannah Kelly (DLA 2019)
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Discipleship & Leadership Year

The DLY is about growing disciples of Jesus and equipping future leaders, who will transform the world.

We believe in ‘discipleship through doing’ and that the best way to develop leaders is to empower and support people to take on new situations and responsibilities. The main way you will develop and grow is by serving as a member our Youth Team. This experiential learning is combined with high quality training that will set you up to lead well, whatever and wherever your future context is. As you serve, you will learn to lead.

Who is it for?

DLY is for those who want to grow as a disciple of Jesus and lead others to do the same through the work of the Stewards’ Trust.

If you love Jesus and are up for a year of service and adventure, we would love to hear from you.


Our youth and student events provide an amazing opportunity to come together with friends, to grow in faith and have great fun during the holidays. The deep friendships that are formed support and encourage faith long after the event, and often last a lifetime.

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