Youth and schools

"Discipleship is the process of becoming who Jesus would be if he were you" Dallas Willard

The goal of our youth work is to help young people on their journey of discipleship, sometimes to start the journey. To help them become who God made them to be.

Developing character is part of the journey and we hope that being a member of the Stewards' Trust helps build: kindness, resilience, self-awareness, confidence (without arrogance), and an understanding of our responsibilities to others. That may all sound a bit serious but we have the best fun doing it!

The young people, who are part of this 'family' get something else to help them on their journey. Something priceless. They develop life-long, life-giving friendships. Christian friends who will stand with them in the tough times and cheer them on in the good times. We should never underestimate how important an aspect of our work this is.

This year Jess, Matt, Lucy, Hannah and JacksonĀ are on team, led by Jemimah Wright.

We also rely hugely on an amazing team of committed, talented and quite frankly awesome voluteer leaders and helpers. We think they are all superheroes!

We support and encourage young people in their faith by helping them to connect with Jesus, Christian mentors and friends. We do this in three ways:

Running camps and events

Providing one-to-one mentoring

Working with schools

To find out more or to get involved in our youth works please contact