5 Oct 2017 // Olivia Omilana

Last week, Beth wrote about rest. This was so timely for me because from a season of resting, I have now come into a season of new beginnings: new job, new routines… new me!!!



27 Sep 2017 // Jamie

I am going through Acts at the moment in my morning quiet time. Acts was written by Luke and is about the acts of the apostles – the disciples of Jesus.

A little secret about me is that I...

7 Jul 2017 // Caitlin Stansbury
As many of you may know: I (Caitlin) am leaving the Stewards' Trust this summer (at the same time as Rosie), but I have popped back for a surprise visit to the blog for a final thought and a fond...
4 Jul 2017 // Charlie Nohre

Today I felt God remind me of a simple but also profound truth of our faith, one that can be easy to forget, here it is:

You cannot earn the amazing GIFT of salvation Jesus bought with His...

16 Mar 2017 // Jamie

Today is a sad day for me. My beloved dog passed away this morning. It has made me think. What is it about dogs that make you so attached to them? Dogs have the title ‘Man’s Best Friend’ and I...

10 Mar 2017 // Charlie Nohre

In Matthew 14 sits the famous story of Jesus walking on the water in the Sea of Galilee. I recommend a quick read (verses 22-33) it takes 2 minutes. It is very easy to forget that it wasn’t only...

28 Feb 2017 // Charlie Nohre

I just spent an amazing few days on a farm in Taunton and the subject of the weekend was worship.

Jamie mentioned a few weeks back that worshipping God is one of the best ways he likes to...

20 Feb 2017 // bethcheshire

I wanted to write to you this week about TRUE REST.

How often do we complain of being tired, not having slept enough or just needing some ‘chill time’?

But when we get the chance to...

17 Feb 2017 // Jamie


A word which when brought up has different associations for people. For some it may be boredom, others it might be delight and for some it might just be formality. 

I want...

15 Feb 2017 // Charlie Nohre

I think most of us would agree with the following:

I want to meet God.

I want to experience God.

And I know that if I did it would drastically change my life.

But how ...